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I founded Hummingbird out of the desire to bring an exceptional dessert to the lives and communities we serve. I developed my love for baking at an early age. One of my great joys was baking and then sharing my creations with my family and neighbors. My Passion for Dessert and Hospitality was honed through all of my parents’ dinner parties, as well as my education and experience in this wonderful world of pastries, and entrepreneurship.

“I have a real love for people and celebrating life, it is the fabric that ties us together.”

I am grateful that along with my amazing team, we have the pleasure of creating and serving some of the most delicious, unique, smile-inducing macarons and desserts found in Virginia, and dare I say, the world.

   People are drawn to Hummingbird, not just for the dessert, fancy boxes, and pretty bows that they are packaged in, they come in “just because,” for special occasions, or a respite.

A respite from hard things like a lingering due date, a difficult relationship issue, a hard day at work, and even a break from hospital treatments. They also come in to celebrate the beauty of life like Promotions, Birthdays, Weddings, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, and all of the great celebrations that make life sweet.

Hummingbird has become a place where we share in our customer’s life experiences through dessert, and that’s a precious privilege.

I invite you to come in to enjoy the moments that taste sweet, and make life sweet…The SweetLife at Hummingbird
– Kisha Moore, Hummingbird Founder


We have an incredibly unique team here at hummingbird and we wouldn’t be where we are today without the creativity of our team and the love and support of our community. We are excited to bring you the SweetLife in Virginia and beyond!


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